I have lost my wrist tag - how can I get another

If you have lost your electronic lap scoring wrist tag then you will have to inform Barry Prior. This has to be NO LATER THAN THE WEDNESDAY prior to the event. There will be a charge of £10 for all replacement tags.

You can contact Barry Prior; email: results@tbec.co.uk

Do I have to help set up the course or clean at the end?

You don’t have to! but if you don’t help to either setup the course or help to clear up at the end of the event you WILL NOT SEE YOUR LAP TIMES published!

Can I ride my Motocross / Enduro Bike in a Trail Bike class?

NO! Only Trail Bikes and Trials Bikes are allowed in the Trail Bike classes, as the added performance of an enduro bike would give an advantage to the rider. Exception: 25 year old plus vintage mx/enduro are allowed in this class.

Can I ride my Trail Bike in an Enduro class?

Yes! Because the Trail Bikes are normally of a lower power and it would be the riders decision.

How do I get into the Club Championship?

You will need to help setup or clear up at each event you ride at to get yours results and points towards the Championship.

You will no longer have to Marshal at one Championship round of the season to be in the championship.

How does the positioning and points system work in the results tables?

The point scoring system

The positioning works like this: starting with final points (points minus penalty points) then laps done, then overall time taken. Fastest lap is not used for any results.

The top 3 positions overall get bonus points of 5, 3 and 1 respectively.

Checkout positions 24, Kevin Bartle – did 13 laps but due to penalty points he received the same points as riders who did 12 laps – as he has done 13 laps he gets the advantage. And look at position 41, same reason.