Trail Bike Enduro Club (TBEC) was founded and affiliated to the Auto Cycle Union in 1988 when we organised six fun Enduro’s per year, we now run between eight and eleven events a year.


We are a non-territorial club, organised and run by VOLUNTEER members who are committed to the continuation of the club and to the promotion and enjoyment of off-road motorcycle sport.

Our Aim

The aim of TBEC was to provide newcomers to Enduro’s with a gentle introduction to off-road motorcycle sport so we offer events which can be easy on riders and machines, inexpensive to enter and, above all, FUN. Although more recently the level of rider, course and machine is more suited to the intermediate rider, but still with the FUN element as the driving force.


Disappointingly TBEC announces Weedon event Sunday 1st Nov is cancelled due to “Mother Nature” all the fields are water logged with the forecast not improving. 150+ bikes for 3 hours would absolutely destroy this valued venue therefore the correct decision is to...

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Our next round at Weedon 1st Nov is currently still good to go ahead baring any Government / ACU announcements, please note any entry from Champs Parc has been carried over, anyone not able to ride this event or anyone wanting to go on the reserve list please email...

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Sadly CHAMPS PARC event for the 4th Oct has been cancelled on us. For reason out of our control (not weather) this event will not be rescheduled, all entries will be carried forward to our next round at Weedon, if you do not want your entry carried forward please mail...

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Another fantastic weekend for Kimpton H&H. Weeks of track prep, cutting, clearing and building all came together to offer a superb all-round track, fast and furious in places, tight and technical in others, even a little seesaw for a bit of fun. TBEC thanks...

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GREAT NEWS we have been issued our permit No:59310 under COVID competition rules, our online entry system will go live Saturday July 18th for 130 only TBEC members with a  full ACU licence. Please read the regs carefully and adhere to them, you will receive a...

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