Houghton Conquest Results

Dusty, Dusty, Dusty was the theme for our Hare & Hound event this weekend which is not unexpected after 2 months of no rain !! which for those who remember last years event was the complete opposite. Again our track building crew “knocked it out the park” to mix in the enduro loop and MX track to produce a fantastic Hare & Hound lap. Our unsung hero’s of the day were the marshals working in those hot dusty conditions keeping it flowing all 4 hours. DISAPOINTED MOAN TIME…… as competitor’s and riders when there is a fallen fellow rider until the medical team has given the all clear or we are able to safely move said rider, show some respect and consideration should you be asked to slow down or even stop irrespective of whether you are “in the lead” “20 seconds ahead of your mate” “winning the championship” etc…. if you are not prepared to do this respectfully please do not enter our events.

Provisional results are now on our events page for Houghton.

Yours in Sport